Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today the kids and I took a little trip to West Palm Beach and went to Lion Country Safari. None of us had ever been before I have to say I was quite pleased. It's kinda small, but they loved that you rode through the park and the animals were so close!  We had Rhinos and Zebras stop us to walk in front. They thought that was pretty cool!  Afterwards we walked around the park and then played in the splash pad. It was a nice 83 degrees today and absolutely gorgeous. Most important, I told the kids that I was doing something for them and aftewards they had to do a little something for me. Lion Country is VERY close to one of my favorite scrapbook and stamping stores. I asked them to be good and behave and let me tell you they were seriously angels. If you knew my daughter, you would understand what this meant!! She is  lovingly and fondly called "Chatterbox"!

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