Friday, April 2, 2010

Joy the Baker

Ok remember when I mentioned that I love to bake and cook. Well one of the blogs that I review regularly put up a post today that just made my day. I think you will find it too cute and so true. It's about baking and boys....."How to impress a boy by baking! lol  You can find it here - Joy The Baker

This hits me particularly close to home because when I met my husband I lived about an hour or so away. So I commuted for the entire 2 months before we got married (Yes, 2 months after meeting we were married, and yes I am still totally in love with him). Needless to say, a few weeks (like 5) into our dating I was asked to move in.  This meant going to a new city finding a new job, etc. What he wanted for "rent" was a peanut butter pie. I was...ha! I can totally do that, I make a mean peanut butter pie. Thats all she wrote! Snag him with that peanut butter pie!  After 11 years of being married I still make him his peanut butter pie, just not as frequently (not good for the waistline!).  I hope you enjoy Joy the Bakers post as much as I did! Joy The Baker

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