Sunday, May 9, 2010

Create Room.......

I thought I would show you all my scrapbook room. It's definitely a work in progress. Comes down to - I need more space!!!! I have 2 work areas. One is where I usually keep my computer (under the Create Life Memories wall word (from UpperCase Living). The other space is longer and thats where I do my main work at.

That long wall on the right, I really want to put shelving there. I have intentions on doing just that, it's just a matter of when! You can't see it but way over to the left, in front of the Expedit (Ikea) is a large window and I have a workstation there as well. I purchased it from Pier One, its nice, but kind of a waste of space. I think I would rather get a 2 square high expediet and put there instead for storage. With 2 high, I would still have access to the window.  Here are some close-ups of different things in the room.

Most of my paper is in here. I need another one.....I have overflow in other places. I  got the shelf from Ikea as well. I can't remember what line it was. I got it because it was deeper than most shelves so the cropper hoppers fit in perfect. You can fit 7 across and theres enough room for 5 shelves high. So it holds quite a bit of paper.  The black ones were done purposely, they were initially for my CTMH papers. But I outgrew them so they aren't anymore.

My little  stash of Copics. I just order about 50 more it won't look so sparce by sometime this week! I took a basket, from Michaels, and got some thick Foam Board and made the dividers. It works really well.I think when I gets a little fuller, it will be better. I know you don't have to store them on their side. But this is directly in front of my workspace and I can see the numbers and just grab. Works for me.

The drawers are from Ikea. I have GOOD intentions on painting them and covering them with pretty papers. I just haven't gotten around to it! My goal for the next 3 months. (I'm being realistic!!)

Just some of my embellishments. It's mostly Flowers, Buttons and Ribbons. I have overflow in photo boxes on my Expedit shelf.  I have tons of Primas......I'm trying to use them up so that I can justify an order to Wild Orchids!! lol

Thats it.....thats my Creating Space. I love it. I do what to re-arrange and finish up that long wall....but it works for me!  Thanks for looking


Pam said...

Looks like you can have lots of fun in this space! From someone who has been working on a pullout shelf, this is a fabulous space! I love what you have done! I'll be posting some of my own pictures soon...last week I posted the current situation, but my husband decided I needed a real space! Hope you can pop in on my blog!
Hugs to you!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Oh my, I need you to come and organize my house! What a beautiful space to work in.


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