Wednesday, April 18, 2012

25th Anniversary Special Release - Copics!!!

Very exciting news from iCopic! The exclusive, 25th anniversary, limited edition release of the gorgeous black body Copic 36 Sketch Marker set, manufactured and released in a small quantity.

This Sketch marker is like no other. Not only with a sleek new beautiful black body it will have the STANDARD FINE NIB for your detail work and of course the brush nib. I don't know about you, but that is like a dream for me. I have NEVER used the chisel end....I would love to have the standard nib on the opposite side of my brush nib!!

For today only, at iCopic is allowing a pre-order with an expected release date of October 31st. It's a bit far away so after today and to make sure those who jump on this release get them first, the next pre-order date will not be offered until August 31st after they secure a larger amount exclusive for their customer's to have in hand first!

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Tammy Ortiz said...

These look awesome thanks for the heads up

Unknown said...

Hey! : D I'm REALLY REALLY excited about these, unfortunately there is no place for me to pre-order them in my city : ( I was just wondering, how much do they cost? I would buy them regardless, I'm just wondering if they are any more expensive since they are so special


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