Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paint Fusion Frame

Years ago I played around with some tole painting. For awhile there I had so many pots painted I didn't know what to do with them! LOL  I enjoyed it but haven't done any in forever. So when Crafter's Companion asked us to play with the new Sheena Douglass Paint Fusion flowers I have to admit I was kinda of excited. I love to paint...and this mixes to of my favorite things together. Painting and stamping!!  I use ot freehand my flowers. Sheena Douglass makes it easy for you because you stamp it out and just follow the lines drawings.iIt really was simple and I had alot of fun coloring them. The best part is there are a few youtube videos out there that can help give you ideas on how to create these wonderful flowers.
I had this cheapo frame from Michaels. I think it was a buck. I painted it cream and it still looked cheap lol  It dawned on me that I had picked up some Crackle medium from my LSS a few weeks back. It's by Helmar and it is a 2 step process. Very simple to do and it didn't take all that long.

First you lay down the step one medium. It needs to dry for 10-15 mins. It's going to be very tacky to the touch. Thats's suppose to be!!

Next you lay on the Step 2 medium.  You put a nice coat on it and then let it dry overnight. As it's drying you will start to see the "crackle". 

After it's all dry, you can take some ink and rub into the cracks to give it that distressed look. I used my Ranger Distress inks (Walnut stain).  I then sprayed it with a fixative so the color didn't come off!

The flowers that I used are actually ROSES!  However, I made them into Pansy. (Don't yell at me, I know the leaves aren't correct for pansies, but it's my frame and I can do what I want!! LOL)

Painting the flowers is quite simple. I used basic acrylic paints that you can pick up at your local craft store and a flat brush. I loaded one corner with yellow paint and the other corner with purple paint. Then on my palette blend the colors so they just join, but they don't really mix together. So you just go back and forth. Then you will place your flat brush on one of the petals and wiggle your way around. Keep doing this until all of your petals are painted. You do the same thing for the leaves except, you use green and yellow to load your brush.
I then cut out all my leaves and flowers. I glued them onto my frame using Helmars 450 glue, it's nice and strong!  I wanted to add some dimension to the flowers, I didn't want them to just be flat. So I used Scrapdots by Helmar to do that!  

That's it!  Hope you enjoyed and you can find the entire Paint Fusion line HERE.

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Hanneke said...

Love his decorated frame! Such a great idea to spruce it up! Hugs, Hanneke

Tammy Ortiz said...

Wow again you are so talented!!!!!!
This is so cute!
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Tammy

Rosie said...

Gorgeous frame girlie! I'm feeling the need to crackle some stuff how it looks! Your pansies are amazing too! Hugs, Rosie

Rachel Parys said...

Very fancy! That's a pretty frame!

Sandy said...

Tracy this is beautiful - are you getting ready for Suzanne Dean? Wish I could come - who knows!

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

When you were telling me about this project last night I couldn't imagine it....WOW!! This is freakin' AWESOME!! LOVE the crackle finish it totally makes it and gives it a shabby chic look!!

Iulia said...

How creative and beautiful is this frame, Tracy! That's so inspiring, thanks for sharing sweetie!
Hugs, Iulia


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