Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hiatus and 2 cards!

Good morning! First I just want to let you all know that I may be away for about 2 weeks. No, I'm not going anywhere...but I have some things going on at home and at work that are going to be requiring extra attention. If I get some time, I will most definitely do a card....but I don't want to get my hopes up. Plus if I put it out here now,I won't feel obligated to do so! haha

It's going to be a beautiful day here Florida and I will soon be out enjoying it. I hope our friends to the North aren't getting dumped on with more snow ;-(   Last night the hubby and I took a trip to West Palm Beach, kid-less, it was sooooo romantic...we spent 2.5 hrs in Gander Mtn...awwwww! lol  I mean awesome is that. To not have the kids, be in West Palm Beach and the place you spend all your time is Gander???? LOL I must be crazy. Hubby got his Valentines and Birthday Present (which is in a couple days) His new hobby is quite expensive and I'm not going to feel bad when I place my next stamp order!!!  lol After Gander we hit up our favorite place.....Five Guys!! LOL Ha...I'm telling you....can you not stand all the romantic spots we want to?? LOL  We ended our night in Barnes and Noble where I pick up the latest edition of Papercrafts - Stamp It! Magazine and realized it was the issue where my blogger friend, Wendy has been publisheed!! Yea, Wendy!

I also had to pick up the next book from the Rangers Apprentice series for my son. The boys reads like super fast. It's crazy. It's a 9 book series, I just picked up 8. He started reading these not even 2 weeks ago!!  They are 300-400 pages long. Apparently he REALLY likes them! 

I capped off my night with finished up Ree Drummonds - Pioneer Woman - Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book. I love the Pioneer Woman and this is a story about how she met the "Marlboro Man" and their first year of Marriage. It was actually a really great book and I was sad to see it end. I hope she has a second one come out. If you haven't seen the Pioneer Womans website, do check it out. She is an AWESOME blogger. She has different areas to her website, my favorite being the Cooking, she also touches on photography, home and garden, homeschooling. Her sense of humor really comes out in her blogging and I always get a laugh or inspiration when reading her blog!

So my hubby is making up for the Gander Mtn thing today! Can't give the details yet...but it's all worth living through 2.5 hrs of Gander Mtn!!!  Ok one hint....designer bag....ok, maybe two hints....fondue...;-))

Ok enough chit chat - on to my cards for Paper Sundaes and Sentimental Sundays....

I am SO NOT HAPPY with how this card came out...I will tell you why! LOL This weeks theme for Paper Sundaes is Sundae Bar, sponsered by Tickled Pink- you get to pick at least 2 from the list of pink, lace, distress, and flowers. I added the pink and the lace...and I was going to stop there with just some edge distressing with a distress tool.  Thne Stupid me put the card together and didn't add the sentiment. Ok - no I stamped out the sentiment, turned over the block to make sure there was no ink on the block. I stamped...pulled up...there was ink on the corner of the block! I had to take purple ink and distress around the image and now I do NOT like it. It just looks "dirty" to me now. I like how she came out though and I didn't have time to print and color up another one. By the way..this is a Digi from Tickled Pink..nice huh!  It's Birthday Cherrie.

Sentimental Sundays is being sponsored by MelJen and the theme this week is Pink and White.  I did my LAST valentines card! ;-(  I still have so much cool paper though...I want to do more!! haha

That's it for today and I will be back in about 2 weeks....maybe sooner! ;-)



Fiona said...

what a cute the colour combo...very pretty.!!


Sandy said...

Both of these cards are cute Tracy - I like the first one!! I think it is cute as punch. I love your header on your blog too! I don't have a clue where you went to in West Palm.

Cheryl said...

Adorable cards! I don't think any one would have noticed your mishap if you didn't spill the beans. It still looks adorable. Your SS card is also very cute. I love this image and the perfect DP you used.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Fab cards Tracy, I love them both. Enjoy the 2 week break :)

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

You guys are so funny, sounds like me and my hubby when we have no kids. But 5 Guys and Barnes and Nobles is right up ally. I would have been in heaven!! Can't wait to see this's my weakness!!
(Thanks for the magazine mention!!! I can autograph it for you if you'd like...Bahhhawwaa!!) :) Can you believe I haven't even read my copy yet? I just keep looking at my projects and show my hubby who say..."yes, honey I know" ROTFL.

LOVE your cards. Your "oops" actually turned out really cute. I don't think it looks dirty at all. And that Meljen's image is adorable!!! And I'm jealous that you have gorgeous V-day paper!! I have zilch!! :(

Melisa Waldorf said...

These are so cute! But I really love the bird / envelope!

Tameko said...

Both cards are lovely. Its good to be able to make it work, even when we make a booboo!


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