Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good to the Last Drop!

Super quick post.  I just wanted you to see a card that I created for a GREAT Blogger friends Birthday! ;-)  Her Bday was 2 days ago and I nicely mailed this out to her before I left for vacation - so she doesn't live too far from me...I am quite sure she has recieved it by now!

This is a scheduled post....I will be getting back sometime today from my vacation and I will be very surprised if I don't have any stories to tell! WooooWeee!  What til you hear where I went! ;-)) 

I do believe this stamp is a Sassy Stamp and the artist who created this now has an Etsy shop and is making digis!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are all so adorable. I went to pick some up there other day and had so much trouble making up my mind. The only one that I knew right away I couldn't live without was that little Indian Girl she had. I'm sure you will see her on my blog soon used with a Thanksgiving card.

Anyways, thats all I have for to you really soon!

(belated that is... her bday was actually on Thursday)


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Good morning! It's time for an inspiration challenge at Magnolia-licious

This months inspiration challenge was picked by Ms. Linda, who sadly has left the Dt...but we certainly are glad that before she left she picked this fabby image to work with. Isn't it just so cute and don't you just get so many idea for things to do by it???

My friend had picked up this little magnolia awhile back ago. She is called Standing Fall Tilda and at first I must admit I wasn't so sure about her but then I saw her colored and I just fell in love with her. I think she is adorable. I love her hat! I also thought she would go perfectly with this months challenge! She must be popular too, bc she is currently sold out of the shop. However, Diana is ALWAYS getting shipments so be sure to check back soon to see if she is in!!  Heck she may be there now!
Did you know that you can also be notified when it comes back in? Yep...just got to the shop and when you look her up and click on her...on the right hand side it will say.... "Notify me of Updates to  - Standing Fall Tilda".  Pretty cool huh!

She is colored with Copics of course. The paper is from Close to my Heart. the fence border punch is Martha Stewart. The leaves were from a package I picked up at Michaels...not sure of the brand.

Ready to get started? Come on and join us and you will be in a random drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate in the store!  Pretty sweet, huh? 


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Altered Paper Bag - Paper Sundaes

Happy Sunday morning to you!!!!!!!!!! Normally I DO NOT like Sundays...but this Sunday is different. It's special because I don't work tomorrow!! teeeheee.  I'm taking a little time off work this week and boy do I have lots of fun stuff planned. I'll tell you more about that in a few days!!!!!!!! ;-)))))

But right now I want to share with you an adorable, if I do say so myself, little altered paper bag that I made up for this weeks challenge at Paper Sundaes!!  I surely haven't played with my Sundaes girls as much as I would like to have, but I'm getting my mojo back and they have some great challenges coming up, be sure to check them out!

This weeks challenge is sponsored by Stamp and Create and we are having a Sundae Bar!!  What that means is you pick your favorite toppings - Black, Distress, Flowers or Sparkle. I have a little bit of all that on my bag. Hard to see in the picture but the flowers are sparkly!

The above photo is the inside.
The above is the back fo the bag. Helps keep it more sturdy too, so you kinda need this!!

I got this idea from one of my favorite cardmaker - Claudia Rosa from Pretty Pressings.  If you are ever feeling in a slump, her creations are sure to inspire you!!  For this bag I used a regular lunch size paper bag. I folded it down about 3-4 inches. The base part ended up to be about  5 x 7. I then decorated it like I normally would a card.

That cute little pilgram Tilda is colored with magnolias. Btw, she is actually called "Witch" tilda, but my friend one day said....she looks like a Pilgram to me...not a witch. Then I took the time to really look at her and're right.  That hat is definitely Pilgram...not witchy!!

Anyways, so my little Pilgram got some distressing around the edges (one of my toppings) and then I put some cheesecloth behind it. I've been seeing alot of this being used around the blogs lately and finally got my hands onto some. Geeesh...I was starting to feel neglected. The papers that I used are from Authentique. I think my last couple of post have used these papers. I just love them!!!

So come join us at Paper Sundaes this week in the Sundae Bar Challenge!!!


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little wine? A little Chocolate? Yes, Please!!!

Good morning! First, this is my second post for the day. Yes, you read that right...second!! If you would like to see my cute little bday card using a MFT HERE.  Second, did you notice the changed look to my blog??? I'm still working on it. I was going to have somebody just do it for me, but decided that I should learn a little bit more about the coding and what not so I bought a blog in a box.  Basically it has elements but you have to put the Html code in, etc.  I'm having fun playing with it.

Now on to my project. I totally hijacked my card/box that I created this morning. That's right, I hijacked the idea and I'm not even ashamed about it!! lol  Not only did I hijack the idea, but I even used the same image! Gasp!  Ms. Lisette made the CUTEST box (you can see it here) and I just loved everything about it down to the image!  So first I said, I must have that image. It's a new release from Crafter's Companion. Talk about adorable!! Once I had that image,  I got down to business.

This box was also used by Dena and she has a really adorable take on it here.   I think I know about 30 ppl that had Birthdays in Oct! Geesh!  I made this one for a special friend! Who is probably looking at my blog right now....way before she is getting it...but it can't be helped. I will be away from my blog for a few days and wanted to get this up.  Yea, I could have scheduled it, but I wanted to enter into a challenge for Crafter's Companion! So here it tis'.

Isn't she adorable?????????????? I love her. She is called Deserve a Treat. She was so much fun to color too.  I colored her with Copic markers and the beautiful paper is from Authentique. Have you checked out their papers yet? They are so pretty and I just saw a new line that will be coming out and I can't wait! I printed the sentiments out on my computer. I then paper pieced the couch. Lots of little cutting there!! There are two ways to put this little box together. One way you use cardstock only for the base the other you use chipboard so it's a bit sturdier. I used the chipboard, as I will be shipping this baby out and didn't want it to get damaged!


KB Monday - Anything Goes
Landscape challenge - Paper Piecing
Make it Monday - Anything Goes
Pollycraft - Girls, Girls, Girls
Pink Elephant - Scoring

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Whipped this up Just for YOU!

So listen here. I made this for a friend. I had it all colored and pretty and started to put it together then I grabbed the sentiment, slapped it onto a block. I glanced to see if it was straight...then I stamped. you can see I didn't stamp it too well because the darn thing is crooked!  Makes me so mad.  Now, that wouldnt' be soooooo bad if I was sending this to a friend who lets say, doesn't stamp or scrapbook. But, NO, this was for a friend who does these things. I have this card and I have a dilemma. Do I make another card or do I send it??? hrmm... Well normally I would totally make another card, but time is getting away from me and I don't see much time coming up with a vacation looming over me soon.  I may have to go into my stash and see if there are any other "stamping friend" worthy cards!!!

So here is another card that I kinda, sorta swiped the idea from my friend, Wendy!  I liked how she put a black and white stamped image on the inside of the card. So I had to do the same thing.  The rest was all me though hehe

The image is from My Favorite Things and she is colored with copics.  I believe these papers are from My Minds Eye as well.  I sewed all around the edges....good thing I got it all done because my next card after I had done this one, but stinkin' sewing machine broke!  Well, I can be fixed, I am waiting on my mother to come look at it. Don't know what I did to it, but the needle broke in half. lol  My mother thinks possibly my little girl may have played with the tension on it. I haven't a clue...I just use it for cards and the very occasional quilt. Which was put on hold because of this mishap!

Anywho, thats all for today. Have a great one!

Clear it out - Use old supplies (scraps)
Simon Says - Stripes
There she Goes - Part of an Image (inside image)
Stamptacular Sunday - Anything Goes

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Not feeling so well?

Do you ever start to make a post, especially when you are setting up multiple ones, and you just haven't a clue what to say? Well, thats about how I feel!  I can't think of much of anything to say.  So I guess I will blab about my eventful weekend! Lucky you, I say!

It all started with us going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando on Thurs. We went with a big group of friends.  First we get there and we got through the line, then through security. No big deal, but then stupid me with all the confusion forgot my cell phone and camera in the little basket they give you to go through the metal detectors. Can we say PANIC!!  Hello, both of those things are my LIFE!!  Thank goodness I had emptied all the pics from my camera that telling what those people could have seen! haha

We were in the park and headed to a haunted house by the time I realized I didn't have my special items with me. Then I paniced and RAN....I ran fast!  I get to the gate and the lovely lady told me that I had to go to guest services and be escorted to the security site. So I go to guest services. Meanwhile my heart is racing soooooo fast!  Well what do you know...there is a LINE!  So I very IMPATIENTLY waited my turn. In retrospect I  can't believe they didn't call security on me. Had I been on the other side of the counter and saw this crazy woman pacing back and forth, huffing and puffing and looking as distraught as I had to have looked, I would have totally called security. But they didn't. ;-)  Finally I get to the guy and tell him my story and he stares at me like a deer in headlights. I kid you not. I said, ok...look...they told me out there that YOU had to escort me to get my stuff where the metal detectors are.  So then something clicked and he said, Ohhhhh ok. He took me out, let me out and then LEFT! He LEFT! He didn't escort me anywhere!  So I get to security and describe my phone and camera and's still there and I go back to the gate to be let in.

Well, thats what I had hoped!!  I get there, they scan my ticket I explain what happened and they said, "Sorry, ma'am but we can't let you back in." I get angry at this point. Then they asked, "Do you have a drivers license???"  I go...NO, my husband has it and he is in there!"   

Ok so crazy me just realized I was missing stuff and started running. I didn't really tell the rest of the group what I was doing. They had NO IDEA where I was!! 

So the guy called over a manager or whatever she was and told her the story and they sat there and scrutinized my ticket...I explained how guest services let me out and then he left (which apparently they are NOT suppose to do).  These people were totally NOT going to let me back in. They thought I found the ticket and was trying to weazel my way in.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the lady who initially told me to go to Guest Services...SAVED!  She vouched for me....and they FINALLY let me back in. Then the fun part, finding my group.  Which didn't take nearly as long as getting back into HHN!

So there ya go. that was my remember...DO NOT forget your items at security!!    We had a blast at HHN. It was so crowded though, we only got to do 5 of the 8 houses. ;-(   The rest of my weekend was full of surprises as well.  Friday was pretty uneventful, we hung out in Orlando, went shopping and ended up staying another night. Then we got up Saturday morning to RAIN. Lots and lots of rain! I wanted to go to another Mall, but didn't feel like messing around in the rain. So we decided to make one stop and drive home.  5.5 hours later, we arrived at home. Doesn't sound so bad, until you know that it's usually a 1hr 45 min drive to Orlando!!  It was the longest trip. The weather was horrible and accidents were everywhere.

We got home, decided to clean out my sons room. Moved some things around. Then on Sunday we got up and went out to buy him a new bedroom set. Arrived back at home and started to clean out his room some more so the furniture could arrive on Tuesday. Walked in and the corner of his room was SOAKED!  Nothing was coming from the ceiling, nothing that we could see from the window.  I had to cancel the furniture and we had to find the solution. A friend of ours came over and helped my husband remedy the situation and as of last night, we are looking good. I HOPE!  Apparently when the ground is too high and you get way too much rain, that water can seep through concrete!!!  So they had to put drains in and bring that ground height down some! Pull up the baseboards and carpet and look behind the drywall to make sure there was no mold. Omg...What a mess we had!

So there you have it. I guess I did have quite a bit to talk about today!! haha  So now that I have thoroughly bored can see my card I made!

This is an Al' A Mode stamp from MFT. I just love her. I probably would have NEVER gotten her until I saw my friend, Wendy, use it and saw just how cute it is!!  I love the little sentiments it comes with.  I did lift the paper pieced idea from Wendy as well. I just didn't want to color the fish! LOL I thought, hrmm...yay, I think I will paper piece that too!   The image is colored with Copics and I believe the papers are My Minds Eye.

I kept the card pretty simple. Probably could have used something else. But it's a stage I am in, I think! lol  I have noticed lately that all of my cards have had less embellishments than normal. Mostly I think because alot of them I am using for classes at the store and I try to keep those simple and concentrate on the coloring end.

Anyways, thats all for today. You all have a great weekend. I have a busy one coming up!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post It Note - Magnolia-licious DT

Good morning!  It's color challenge week at Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog. Octobers color challenge is to use shades of blues and greens.

It's a little post-it note holder. Super easy to make and makes a nice, easy, inexpensive office gift.  It would also be great for a little thank you token to a customer if you are into direct sales, etc. Basically all you do is cut your cardstock to 6 3/4 x 3 1/4  then scored it at 3 1/4 and 3 1/2. If you have the thicker post it pads, than you would have to adjust your score lines!!
I used a Mini Magnolia for the front. She is called "Sweet Tilda" and you can find her in the Magnolia-licious Store.  She is matted on the lacey circles from Spellbinders. The paper is the Gabrielle collection by Bo Bunny. Border punch and butterfly are Martha Stewart.

Please take a moment and stop by and see the other creations by our fabulous DT. We hope that you are able to join us in the challenge. The prize is a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the Magnolia-licious Store!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Afternoon all! This weekend was the 1 year anniversary of the LSS in my area. Congrats Paula!!  Friday and Saturday she had a crop going on. I had no plans this weekend so I joined in on the fun and I am so glad that I did. I had such a great time.  We spent many hours laughing and picking at each other and creating all sorts of things. I also got to meet alot of new people. I'm not quite sure what kinda of impression I made on see....I got onto a tangent about going to Fantasy Fest in Key West and then we laughed and joked about my excessive drinking, which of course I do not do! ahem... I'm a good girl! ;-) I swear! lol  Anyways, it was an all around good time I just wish it had lasted longer!!

I actually did get a few things completed to, believe it or not!  The card I am posting today is NOT one of them, I actually had this done a few weeks back and just forgot to post it. This weekend I finished up about 4 cards so yay, I will have some post coming up!   I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me. Not much stamping time until after October for me ;-(

This ADORABLE image is a digi stamp from Mo Manning.  I LOVE cupcakes so I just had to have her. I colored her with Copic markers. I did the background with Prisma color pencils.  (Which I totally botched up....but whatever!).  I added a healthy dose of glitter onto her dress. You can see it shimmering a little bit in the photo, in person it's very sparkly!

I believe the papers are My minds eye. I can't remember which packs they came from though!

That's all from me for now! 


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