Friday, February 6, 2009


So I'm having a workshop this evening. I actually had alot of people who wanted to come and had to turn some away. It's nice to have so many but I hated turning some away. It should be fun though. We are doing 5 projects. I hope. If time doesn't allow for it, we may not get to the scrapbook page. We shall see tonight. So we are making a treat box out of coasters, 3 cards and a scrapbook page. If I get some free time maybe I will post pictures later. However, I will probably not get home until after 10 and have to pack my scrapbooking stuff for tomorrows all day crop, which I am not really looking forward to at the moment. I know when I get there I will have a good time but I would really rather stay at home and just watch movies.

Zack and Miri make a porno is out. That was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a very long time. I would love to be home tomorrow and just hang out with Chris and watch a movie. Instead I will be sitting in an uncomfortable chair trying to make a scrapbook page to enter into the page layout contest. Oh well....


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